Mobile Law

Mobile law is an emerging area of work in legal jurisprudence that is dealing with communication devices and mobile phones, which are becoming an integral part of our day-to-day lives in existence. The term “Mobile Law” has been defined by Dr. Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and President, Mobilelaw.Net in the following terms:

“Mobile Law refers to the emerging legal discipline and jurisprudence that impacts, pertains to, is associated with or has a bearing upon complicated legal issues concerning mobiles, communication devices of any kind whatsoever, mobile networks, mobile platforms, mobile computers and laptops, as also all data, and information, in any form, digital or otherwise, which is hosted, generated, sent, received or transmitted, in any manner whatsoever, using the said mobile devices and platforms.

The emerging area of mobile law encompasses, within its ambit, complex legal issues and challenges that would impact within the mobile ecosystem, any device, computer, computer system, computer network, computer resources as well as data or information in the electronic form.  Mobile law promises to become a much bigger discipline of law as the world progresses towards increasing penetration, adoption, and usage of mobile devices.” 

As a discipline of jurisprudence, mobile law is the new emerging cutting edge area. The use of communication devices and the data and information resident therein has led to various complex legal issues and challenges all across the world. Different countries of the world are waking up to the need for coming up with enabling regulatory regimes to govern aspects pertaining to use of communication devices, mobiles and data and information resident therein.

The area of mobile law is emerging and different complicated legal, regulatory and policy challenges concerning the use of mobiles and communication devices are coming to the forefront especially in countries where mobile penetration is exceedingly high e.g. India and China.

It is expected that over a period of time, mobile law would emerge as a distinct area of legal practice and jurisprudence given the predominant use of mobiles, tablets, smart phones and other kinds of communication devices across the world.

The concept of Mobile Law is a newly emerging concept. It incorporates within its ambit all legal issues pertaining to the use of mobiles, mobile handsets, mobile platforms, mobile applications, communication devices, personal digital assistants and such other devices as also computers, computer systems and computer networks that assist in the communication, transmission, receipt, sending, preserving retention and other related activities pertaining to data and information in the electronic form targeted at mobile devices, communication devices as well as mobiles and mobile handsets. This is an emerging field of a discipline which incorporates within its ambit newly emerging areas pertaining to mobile platforms.

As more and more people across the world are adopting the mobile platforms and as mobile handsets are becoming more and more popular, there are emerging a variety of legal issues pertaining to mobiles and mobile platforms as also data and information connected therewith. This emerging field of legal jurisprudence is known as Mobile Law.

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